Borrowing Protocol

Allows users to make under-collateralized loans with almost any asset, using on-chain information only.

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See how we enable under-collateralized borrowing with Credit Token and SoulBound Token

Credit Token

Credit Token (CRT)

Transferable and Tradable

Minted by borrowers’ interest paid to lower collateral ratio.

Borrow to earn CRT!

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Credit Score

Credit Score


Calculated based on your transaction history.

Earn higher credit score to enhance CRT value!

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Permissionless Listing

Permissionless Listing

Isolated Asset Tiers

Assets are divided into different tiers by risk.

Lenders can choose pools with different interest rates
by their risk appetite.

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Permissionless Listing

Internal Liquidation

No need for DEX

You can just swap liquidated assets with your deposits
on Prestare, with discounts.

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2022 Q2

Team Formation Business Model Design Finalization of Tokenomics

2022 Q3

Core Contracts Completed Seed Fundraise Whitepaper Release Security Audits

2022 Q4

Testnet Release Bug Bounty Launch Ecosystem Partnerships

2023 Q1

Mainnet Launch Multi-chain Deployment Governance

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